Based in Seattle, USA, and in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal, Vicoustic is widely acclaimed as one of the most dynamic companies in the acoustic solutions industry. Vicoustic has a very extensive portfolio of solutions featuring products that combine outstanding performance, revolutionary design and a high level of fire retardancy, which makes them suitable for use in a variety of venues. The catalogue also includes all possible add-ons for the building & construction industry such as acoustic doors and innovative Plug & Play fastening systems that greatly ease the installation process.

The keys to Vicoustic success are their products’ revolutionary design, impeccable finishes, extensive range of variations and colours, high compliance with fireproof standards as well as with environmental and safety regulations without compromising on sound quality, all at surprising prices. In the very end it’s about real furnishing accessories that are capable of making a difference to listening and living comfort with an incredibly versatile range of applications.


Vicoustic offers a wide range of particularly effective and aesthetically attractive solutions to optimise all acoustics aspects in recording studios, radio stations and television studios.


Our speciality is to combine high acoustic performance with a contemporary design that is suitable for a variety of situations.

Vicoustic is therefore the ideal solution for setting up home cinemas or rooms fitted with Hi-Fi systems.


Acoustic wellbeing is often underestimated in everyday environments. From hospitals to offices, a healthy environment from an acoustic point of view is paramount to increase the quality of its liveability.

With its extensive range of specialised products, Vicoustic is definitely the reference player in sector.


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