Founded in 1958, Exhibo is a prominent Italian distributor of premium audio and acoustics brands, such as Sennheiser, Neumann, Teac, Tascam, K-array, EAW, D-box, Tivoli Audio, Fortress, Vicoustic, Allen&Heath and Vogel’s, in addition to other consumer electronics and accessories.
Our purpose is to offer excellent listening and maximum acoustic comfort by taking care of all aspects involved in sound & voice distribution together with acoustic treatments. In a word, we control sound propagation and eliminate the impact of noise in indoor and outdoor environments. We conceive, simulate, design and deliver the whole solution, also taking care of installation at the customer premises, if requested to guarantee maximum results.
Soundproofing a hall, ensuring acoustic comfort inside a SPA, making dialogues in a restaurant more enjoyable, designing more productive work spaces, conceiving a home cinema from the ground up and taking care of the entire spectrum of acoustic aspects in a large theatre, are just a few of our daily tasks.
We are confident that we offer the best trade-off between quality, professionalism and budget also due to some very privileged partnerships with the best audio & video equipment and acoustic material manufacturers.


To us and our partners a great source of satisfaction comes from noticing all the benefits our customers get when key guidelines are applied in terms of both active and passive acoustics in the frame of new constructions or refitting projects in the commercial, retail, hospitality, government and residential real estate segments.
Our mission is to work alongside interior designers, architecture & engineering studios as well as general contractors of the highest quality level with specific engineering support, on site tests, analysis and simulations, project management, complete delivery and installation of acoustic and audio solutions up to turnkey projects, as required by our partners case by case both in Italy and abroad. Together with our partners we are experiencing growing demand for our services as the market unfolds and more and more people understand the beneficial impact on their daily lives of well designed sound distribution systems combined with savvy acoustic treatments.


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